Thursday, March 11, 2010

BTHHS - March 12, 2010

Shad K- I don't really like to
Common- Black Maybe
Slum Village- reunion
Nas- One Love (L Main Mix)
Gangstarr- Moment of Truth
Blackmoon- How Many Emcees (Evil Dee 96 remix)
Mobb Deep- Win or Lose
Big Shug- Crush
IRS f/ Planet Asia - No Hesitation
Rascals- Dreaded Fist
Solitaire- S.O.T.
Goldng & Skeiltor- Too Much
Tona - Now a Dayz
Smash Brovas - Junia T's Pot
Thrust - This is For Sure
Krs-One - Outta Here
Kool G Rap f. Nas - Fast Life (Northside remix)
Drake - Do What You Do
Spec Won - Hip Life
Snoop Dog f. Kardinal - I wanna Rock (rmx)
Elzhi - Glow (prod. Jake One)
Jwyze f. Saukrates - Mr. Lucky (Rich Kidd)
Joell Ortiz - Exhibit H
Jay Electronica f. Mos Def - Exhibit C (Live)
Jay Electronica - Exhibit C
Reflection Eternal f. J. Cole, Jay Electronica & Mos Def - Just Begun
Rich Kidd f., Dj Law, Tona, Mayhem Morearty, Theology III, J.D. Era & Staalin - 416
Mos Def- Casa Bey
Tumi & the Volume- Bustop Confessions

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