Thursday, May 20, 2010

BTHHS - May 20, 2010 Playlist

EPMD- Tha Joint
EPMD- Never Seen Before
EPMD- Rugged Raw
EPMD- Rap is Still Outta Control
Erick Sermon- I'm Hot
Erick Sermon- Music Ft. Marvin Gaye
Erick Sermon- react ft. Redman
EPMD- Crossover
EPMD - The Headbanger
EPMD - Bring It Back
EPMD - Rampage
EPMD - The Big Payback
EPMD - So What Cha Sayin'
EPMD - You Got's to Chill
Wu Tang - Harbour Masters f. AZ
Wu-Tang - Wu Ooh
Wu-Tang - Rainy Dayz
Wu-Tang - Triumph
Wu-Tang - Protect Ya Neck
Wu-Tang Our Dreams
KJ- Repeat
Eternia- It's Funny ft. Joell Ortiz
Jay-Z - Thank You
KJ - Life f. Brendan Philip

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