Thursday, May 17, 2012

[Free Chunes]Mug Shot Music Preloaded

What can I say when I first heard about this records in development I could hardly believe it. Show & A have been one of my favorites groups of all time and I followed both group and solo endeavours throughout their careers, In anticipation to the album which by the way is executive produced by none other DJ Premier!! 
Mug Shot Music Preloaded EP 2012 gives a sneek peak a of what's expected on the ablum. DIRT baby! SOUTH BRONX !!! Hip Hop as it should be....TAKE THIS IN....

1. DJ Premier’s Road Test (ft. DJ Premier)
2. That Nigga Crazy
3. Wolves (ft. OC)
4. Here and Now
5. I Just Go Along
6. God Is 4 Us
7. Berri Love (ft. OC)
8. Walk With Me
9. You IN Trouble (ft. DJ Premier)
10. My Imagination
11. Show And A
12. South Bronx Shit (ft. DJ Premier)
13. Experience
14. Suspended Animation
15. The Bond

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