Tuesday, January 15, 2013

[Rap Megacity]Adversaree - Super Emcee

Adversaree & Phat Tony bring to you Tongues Uv Machetes 2: Enter Simon Barz Sinister the EP. Once, again, Adversaree is back on the series of the TUM, but this time he brought beat smith/producer Phat Tony (CampX, F.A.T. Thursday) as the EP's chief/only producer. The theme, this time around, is gathered around Simon Bar Sinister of the Underdog cartoon series from the 1960s. TUM2 promises dagger-style bars and villainous verses that lay over the street-thumping, hip-hop boom-bap of Phat Tony's production. The Simon persona was taken by Adversaree as the villain in TUM2, this time around. Sit back and enjoy an EP that is for the heads, as well as the lyrical listeners. Once, again, we cannot THANK YOU enough for your proven and constant support of what we're doing, as hiphop citizens. The appreciation is limitless!! Look out for more from Adversaree!!! Bless.

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  1. Thank you guys for posting this up on your site. Nuuuuuff respect!!!! I really appreciate that. Love!!