Thursday, April 29, 2010

BTHHS Guru Tribute pt.2 - APRIL 29 2010

Religion f. PLanet Asia - Pyramids
Eternia f. Joell Ortiz & Rass Kass -
Elzhi- Deep
Joell Ortiz - The Project Boy
Sadat X & Ill Bill
Little Brother - Before The Night Is Over
Murs - Asia Girl
Roc Marciano - Snow
Freeway & Jake One - One Foot In
Little Brother - Tigalo For Dolo
Nishraawks - My Hook
Shad K - Don't Like To
Gangstar- the planet
Gangstarr- Execution of a Chump
Ganstarr- All About the Cash
Nice and Smooth-Down thr Line
Gangstarr-Here Today Gone Tommrow
Gangstarr-Take two and Pass
Gangstarr - Mostly the Voice
Ganstarr - The Rep Gets Bigger
Gangstarr- The Natural
Gangstarr - The Question Remains
A.G.feat O.C & Guru-Weed Scented
Gangstarr - Mass Appeal
" " - Tonz o Gunz
" " - The Militia
* * - A long way to Go
" " - Right where you Stand
" " - Take it Personal
" " - Whos gonna take the Weight
" " -Stay Tuned

Thursday, April 22, 2010

BTHHS Guru Tribute pt.1 - Playlist April 23, 2010


Gangstarr- Moment of Truth
Gangstarr- the Militia ft. Big Shug & Freddie Foxx
Gangstarr- Work
Gangstarr- The Question remains
Gangstarr- Discipline
Gangstarr- Code of the Streets
Gangstarr- DYWCK f. Nice & Smooth
Gangstarr- Soliloquy of Chaos
Gangstarr- Brainstorm
Gangstarr- Mass Appeal
Guru- Loungin ft. Donald Byrd
Guru- Le Bein, Le Mal
Guru- Power, Money & Influence ft.Jean Grey & Talib Kweli
Guru- Watch What you sayin
Guru- The Traveler
Guru- Respect the Architect ft. Bahamadeia
Gangstarr- Above the Clouds ft. Inspecta Deck
Gangstarr- Robbin Hood Theory
Gangstarr- JFK to Lax
Gangstarr- Make them Pay
Gangstarr- All for the Cash
Gangstarr- Tonz O Gunz
Gangstarr- Suckas Need Bodyguards
Gangstarr- Speak ya Clout
Gangstarr- B.Y.S.
Gangstarr- Just to get a rep

Thursday, April 15, 2010

BTHHS - April 16th 2010

Eternia ft. Joell Ortiz & Rass Kass -It's funny
Japhia Life- Hip Hop
Fineprint- Peace by Piece
Jay Electronic - Exhibit C (Lyve Remix)
Lupe Fiasco- I'm Beamin'
Melaphyre Etheoryall- Cumbersome ft. Jet Black Nesby Phifs
J. Johnson- Murder Instruments
Mahgony Jones -Find a way
Poems- Feels Good
K-OS ft. Saukrates- I wish I knew Natalie Portman
K-OS- Aviator (Len AfroSaxon remix)
Da T.R.U.T.H. - NFL (New Found Love)
Tripp Lee - Intamicy
K'naan- My Old home
K'naan ft. Chubb Rock- ABCs
Frontlynaz- Addicted ft. Jai

Wio-k f. Grimace Love - Love Want It
Illite -The Lesson 2010
Freeway & Jake One - One Thing f. Raekwon
Guilty Simpson - Before The Verdict
Marvel - Long Time
Elzhi - Deep (Black Milk)
Papoose - I'm Ill Freestyle
Rel!g!on - Pyramids f. Planet Asia
Tassnata - Remember f. Promise & Black Milk
Theo3 - How I Flow part 2
Miles Jones - Trust Me f. RaSoul
Focus - Homage To Premeire
Grimace Love - Grimstone

Thursday, April 8, 2010

BTHHS - April 08, 2010 playlist

X-ecutioners- Xecutioners (theme)song
Anonymous Twist Ft. Planet Asia- Sweet Sixteen
Slakah ft. Shad K- Now a Dayz
Slakah ft. Ayah- State of the game
K-os - 4,3,2,1
Lecrae - Identity
D.O. - Watch Out
Fine Print - Puerto Rico
K'Naan- My Old Home
Tona f. LVD - Mynd Made Up Part 2
Strange Fruit Project f. Rah Diggah - Life is a Movie
Kidz in the Hall ft. Jay Electronica- Cool, Relax
Swoope f. - Freddy Prince
Braille & Si-Heart of God
Mahagonany Jones - Find a way
D.O. - Young Brother
Roach Uno f. Grimace Love & Wio-K- Take Me Higher
Citizen Kane - Da Jungle
Common - I have a Dream
Wio-k- Motivate
Buckshot & 9th Wonder ft. Talib Kweli- Hold it Down
Jay Electronica- Be Easy
Skllz- I Wanna Rock too
Black Milk - Say Something
Saukrates - Father Time
Ron Nelson - B-Boy Destruction
Ghetto Concept - EZ on the Motion
Eclipse - Everything's Connected
Louwop - For The City
Wu-Tang Clan - Harbour Masters
Caltroit f. Kardinal Offishall, Illa J, T3 - If You ready
RZA f. Kool G. Rap & Ghostface - Whar
Raekwon f. Ghostface & Method Man - Wu Ooh
Theology 3 - Screwface Capital
A Tribe Called Quest - Electric Relaxation
Biggie Smalls f. Redman - Machine Gun Funk (Notorious)
Channel Live f. KRS-1 - Madizm
Common - The Game
DL Incognito - Masses
Group Home - Livin' Proof
Elzhi - Deep
Med - Can't Hold On
Mos Def - Got
Wu Tang Clan - Cream
KRS One - The Bridge is Over
Chubb Rock - Just The Two of Us
Beastie Boys - Paul Revere
A Tribe Called Quest - Find a Way
KRS One - Rappers Delight
Trey Songs - Say Ahh
Snoop Dogg - I Wanna Rock
Slum Village - Things We Do
The Firm - Phone Tap
Blazay Blah - Danger
Ludacris f. Nas & Jay-Z - I Do It for Hip Hop
Biggie Smalls - Ten Crack Commandments
Luniz - I Got 5 On it
Jay-Z f. Alecia Keys - New York
The Fugees - Ready Or Not
Biggie Smalls- Kick In The Door
The Fugees - Fu Gee La
Lady of Rage - Afro Puffs
Biggie Smalls- Unbelievable
Rascalz f. K-os, Barrington Levy - Top of The World

Thursday, April 1, 2010

BTHHS - PlaylistApril 2, 2010

Wasun - building to building
Fineprint- Ashby (frequent flyers remix)
Common- Driving me crazy
Brassmunk - Whistle While you work
Czarnok- Pimp Tight
K'naan ft. Mos Def -Oh My God
Tara Chase- Selfish
Slum Village ft. Kanye West- Selfish
Ubad -The Legacy
Citizen Kane- Eavesdropping ft. Dub Ill & Shotgun
Ghetto Concept- Precious Metals
Cesar Comanche f. Eternia - Up and Down
Polyrythm Addicts f. Phonte - It's My Life
Freeway & Jake One f. Raekwon - One Thing
Drake f. Jay-Z, Lil Wayne & Trey Songs - Successful/ Dead Presidents (mash up)
Bishop - Kipling to Kennedy
Jay Electronica f. Che Grand - Hagler
Eternia f. Joell Ortiz - It's Funny (prod by Moss)
J Dilla f. Black Thought - Reality Check
Klashnekoff - Bun Dem
Red & Meth - Dangerous MCs (prod by Cookin' Soul)
Thoelogy 3 - Be Ready
J Wyze - Mr Lucky (Soul Brown remix)
J Wyze - Mr. Lucky (Original)
King Jus - Embassada
Drake f. Von Pea & Phonte - My New
Jaylib - The Red (Instrumental)
Madlib & Talib Kweli f. Consequence - Engine Runnin'
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