Tuesday, September 27, 2011

In Real Life

One of Toronto's most underrated accomplished and respected artists Wio-K, is a T.O. original and has helped shape the city's identity and give it it's distinctive sound. For true heads in the city who know what time it is, T.O. has a very significant bunch who are contributing good music that make us stand out and proudly say this is Toronto Hip Hop.

Member of The Mighty Monolith Wio-K has recently completed his debut album entitled "In Real Life." The album contains 12 official songs as well as a hidden track, The production on the album consists of some real local and international heavy hitters such as; Korry Deez of Irs (Monolith), Salty Jackson, Kam, Lyve, T.R.A.C.K.S of Irs and Big Black Lincoln and others, guest appearances on the album by Grimace Love , Frank N'Dank and Tasha Rozez.

The hip-hop masses have waited far too long for this project!

The album is a classic, adding, once again, to the legacy of Toronto's dominance in the world of true-to-life, masterful hip-hop music making. Wio-K is poised to lead the way to a future where Canadian urban artists become huge successes in the marketplace.

Track Listing:
1. Oversized
2. Who feels it
3. Foot Loose feat. Tasha Rozez
4. Love or Lust
5. The Negotiator
6. Cant Done feat. Grimace Love, Frank N'Dank
7. He Moves
8. We nuh Easy feat.Nishraawks
9. 2 Streets
10. Ten feat. Monolith
11. Day One
12. Motivate


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