Saturday, September 24, 2011

You Must Learn: a Prophetic Poetic podcast

The opening words of this podcast are found from an interview I did with Relic The Oddity in December 2003. Relic, along with several local artists known to myuniversity, got together for a time of fellowship and freestyle. During exam break at the university radio station (whaddup Radio Laurier) we took over the booth to do a special show that emphasized the community we had found through conscious hiphop.Geographically speaking, Relic was an outsider compared to the other eight or so emcees, but Relly fit right in - engaging people in conversation and coming up with the second best punch lines in the session (can anyone really touch Shad??). September 2009 saw the release of Relly's sophomore album, The Green Light. You can take my word that it is a fantastic album that embodies many of the elements 'real heads' are looking for. Regardless of industry positioning, promo, swagger and what not, it is one of the best and truest hip-hop releases this year. So while, y'all are waking up from your nap...
We at Prophetic Poetic decided that it was necessary to show the world that
The Green Light is no surprise. You Must Learn: Relic contains jams from his debut record, It's All Relative, early tunes, mixtape appearances, production for some fierce emcees as well as guest spots (whaddup Sev & Shad). It is a true pleasure to call Relic a friend, and a great pleasure to piece this collection together. Enjoy.

1) Interview – Intro (2003)
2) Impact from Relic's album It's All Relative
3) Progress from Relic's album It's All Relative
4) Advancing from the Prophetic Poetic mixtape Hip Hop Helps: Raise (2005)
5) One Chance to Shine from the God Roots compilation (2002)
6) Secret Place feat. Brotha Soul from Relic's album It's All Relative
7) What It is prod. by Relic from Surreal's album Future Classic (2006)
8) Everything Changed prod. by Relic from Braille's album Box of Rhymes (2006)
9) What I Do prod. by Relic from NIFTY's EP The Preface (2004)
10) No 2 Ways ft. Sev Statik from Sev and Dust's album Back to Dust (2008)
11) What We All Want with Kamau & Shad from Shad's album The Old Prince (2008)
12) Interview - Greater Things (2003)
13) Inner Space from Relic's EP Note To Self
14) Come What May (instrumental) from Relic's album It's All Relative
15) I Remember from Relic's album It's All Relative

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